Andy Lindloff Andy

Andy Lindloff is a professional trader and mentor with 17 years of experience actively and successfully day trading and swing trading stocks. Specializing in momentum trading using technical analysis, Andy took his expertise international. He was contracted by Asian American Association (proprietary day trading firm) as a mentor and traveled to China periodically to help other traders learn day trading techniques to become profitable.  Andy currently trades for a hedge fund and was a Lead Trader for Ditto Trade (online broker).

A graduate of Texas A&M University with a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Andy is a husband and father of one. After a successful career in the automobile business and a sales representative position at Edward Jones where he received his Series 7 license, Andy left to pursue his passion for trading stocks. He began trading in 1998 fulltime on a retail trading floor and after several months of self-teaching and hard work

Andy’s efforts paid off earning him a comfortable living and 10 consecutive years of profitability. In July 2007 Andy began working with a team of 20 traders in China. He spent one year with his team and they never had a losing month.  In 2010 Andy was approached by Ditto Trade and, with his partner Steve Gomez, became one of the first Lead Traders for the online broker startup.  After 3 and ½ years, the account was up a documented 83%.   During this time Andy was also a Principal with Coast Angels Financial Consultants and worked as an Asset Manager with about $10 million under management.  We had a socially responsible model and investors earned a 23% ROI.

Andy’s accomplishments as a day trader/swing trader/mentor and his desire to teach others led him to team up with long-time trading partner Steve Gomez and in 2008 cofounded TodayTrader Inc. to help other traders achieve success.  Although, Andy remains an active day trader, his main focus now is a strategy developed with Steve called “Swing Scalping.

Steve Gomez Me

Steve Gomez has been trading markets for over 20 years. He graduated the University of Southern California with a BA in Communications and Social Sciences. In 1994 while working in property management, Steve began reading as many books on trading as possible and started  trading part time in the Chicago Commodities Markets using archaic phone orders to get in and out of positions.

It was at a retail trading floor in 1998 where Steve met his long-time trading partner Andy Lindloff. The two of them attended a course on Direct Access and Level 2 stock trading.

In 2007, Steve began traveling to China to assist Andy with his overseas trading group. The desktop sharing technology led to a live trading room that was unprecedented in transparency. Steve was early in adopting Youtube and Twitter to help people with trading. With the TodayTrader brand on social media growing, DittoTrade approached us to be an original Lead Trader. The Ditto trade account outperformed the S&P 500 over the course of 3 years and made money for many of the followers in that mirrored account.

Steve has contributed a chapter to book titled “The Stocktwits Edge”. He has written numerous articles for “Stocks, Futures and Options” magazine and has spoken live at the Los Angeles Money Show. Most of his personal thoughts and market opinions are expressed on Twitter @TodayTrader.

Currently, swing trading is the focused time frame for Steve as he continues to manage assets for an REO portfolio of distressed properties.