DittoTrade Lead Account

TodayTrader   +83%   *from 11/1/2010

SPY                       +57%   *from 11/1/2010

 *As of Feb 28, 2014

                TodayTrader vs SPY

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The chart above shows how the disciplined approach of TodayTrader allows us to not only outperform  the market, but also to sidestep the gut-wrenching draw-downs like 2011 by going to cash and hedging at times.

What Does This Graph Represent?

This is the total net percentage growth in our DittoTrade “Lead Trader” Account since inception (November 2010). This particular account allows people to finally “piggyback” the trades we make with absolutely no slippage via the DittoTrade Dashboard. In order to participate in the same exact trades and % allocations as our Lead Trader account, members must have an active account with DittoTrade and sign up to mirror this account.

How This Account is Traded

THIS IS NOT A DAY TRADING ACCOUNT. We use our own developed method of “Swing Scalping” in this account. Swing Scalping means looking to position low-risk entries in anticipation of a 3-14 day move, then exit quickly to lock in profits. We look to “surf” the market with no more than 3-7 position at a time to be fully invested. So each position usually doesn’t exceed 15-20% of the account value. There are occasions where overnight margin may be used but this is not a common practice. On average, this account may make 20-40 trades per month. At times we may take positions for longer than a month as a core position to trade around. Other times, we may be in full cash due to uncertain conditions.

You can learn more about our Swing Scalping method here