History of the DittoTrade Lead Account

TodayTrader   +83%   11/1/2010 – 3/31/2014 (closed)

SPY                       +57%    11/1/2010 – 3/31/2014 (closed)

 This account is now closed. Please check back in the future for a possible reset of this mirrored account technology.

                TodayTrader vs SPY

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The chart above shows 40 months of out performance against SPY. This account is now closed. Check back in the future for a reset of this mirrored account technology. We used a method coined “Swing Scalping” when trading this account. 

You can learn more about our Swing Scalping method here

Swing ScalpingSwing Scalping

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Swing Scalping
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How This Account is Traded

THIS IS NOT A DAY TRADING ACCOUNT. We use our own developed method of “Swing Scalping” in this account. Swing Scalping means looking to position low-risk entries in anticipation of a 3-14 day move, then exit quickly to lock in profits. We look to “surf” the market with no more than 3-7 position at a time to be fully invested. So each position usually doesn’t exceed 15-20% of the account value. There are occasions where overnight margin may be used but this is not a common practice. On average, this account may make 20-40 trades per month. At times we may take positions for longer than a month as a core position to trade around. Other times, we may be in full cash due to uncertain conditions.